About the Artist

As a rabbi for the last 40 years, my life is truly dedicated to serving God. About 25 years ago, I felt the spirit move me to pick up a paintbrush to create a visual interpretation of my beliefs and teachings. I have followed many visual paths, including oil on canvas in brilliant colors and unique shapes. I continue to grow and expand the avenues I explore visually.


Along the way, I have enhanced my life and teachings by studying and practicing Kabbalah. (Kabbalah is the traditionally used term for the universal meaning of life; practitioners can attain fulfillment through thinking less of themselves in favor of sharing with others.) I interpret God’s meaning through special meditative prayers and visualizations in each of my paintings, not only stressing man’s desire for fulfillment, but Kabbalah’s application to all spiritual denominations. Many of my recent works are on parchment (the medium used to record the sacred Torah).